Socks Only
Socks are required for ALL adults and children. Children must wear trampoline socks from either a trampoline park (Sky Zone, Get Air, etc) or from Momi Land. Socks are available for purchase for $2 a pair. Adults may wear regular socks. No shoes allowed in play area.
Parental Supervision
Parental supervision is REQUIRED at all times. 1 parent/guardian is required for every 3 kids. (A family with 5 kids would need 2 parents or guardians). Momi Land staff is NOT responsible for supervising children. Parent/Guardian should be present at all times. No rough play or fighting.
Food Policy
*UPDATED* Due to COVID-19, we have decided to implement a temporary no outside food policy at our break area. We observed several instances of large pieces of food smeared on equipment (including half eaten pizza, pieces of fruit, and more). We take great pride in the cleanliness of our space; and although we had multiple signs up reminding guests to keep food in the break area, unfortunately it wasn’t being followed. At the same time we will increase our selection of pre-packaged snack selection to fulfill our customers’ needs.
Party Cancellations
We have a 2 week cancellation policy for parties. All cancellations 2 weeks or prior to the scheduled date will be 100% refunded. Cancellations made within 2 weeks will not be refunded.
*Please note: If we are required by the government to shut down because of COVID-19, you will receive a full refund. If we are still open and a customer needs to cancel within 2 weeks due to any reason, we offer a free reschedule or credit for that amount.*
Break Room
The break room is intended for short breaks and snacks. In order to allow all guests to enjoy usage of the break room, please do not leave belongings unattended at the tables. Taking up multiple tables for hosting events or parties is prohibited.
Safety Signs
Please be cautious where we have put up warning signs and ALWAYS review the SAFETY RULES we’ve put up prior to using the rock climbing wall and trampoline. Please climb up and climb down from the rock wall and absolutely no jumping from the rock wall on to the trampoline.
The playground is designed for children under 50″ and 8 years old. For rock climbing, the recommended weight limit is 80 pounds, parents have discretion and assume all liability to injuries.
Signed Waivers
All adults and children must have signed waivers prior to entering the play area.
Common Courtesy
Please do not bring sick children to the facility. Any visibly ill children may be asked to leave to ensure that we have a safe environment for all.
If the play area is at capacity, visitors will be put on a waitlist.
Our Rights
Momi Land reserves the right to ask children/parents to leave under the following circumstances:
*Visitors who do not follow the rules above
*Visitors who are violent or being harmful to others