Easy Kid Activities for Toddlers: Entertaining Your Child When Life Gets Hectic

Q: What easy kid activities can I use to entertain my toddler? 

A: One of the best ways to entertain a toddler is to bring them to an indoor playground. Not only does this give your child access to a wide variety of play opportunities you can’t provide at home, but it also frees you of the burden of having to extensively plan activities yourself. 

Parenting can be quite a task. In the modern age, it’s not uncommon for both parents to work full-time jobs while still balancing the responsibilities of raising a child.  

While this is tough for anyone, it can be especially challenging when you’re parenting younger children. Toddlers need attention and play that is more intensive than slightly older children.  

If you’re juggling parenting a little one and working, you might benefit from having a few easy kids’ activities for toddlers.  

This article will provide you with a few easy ideas so you can keep your child entertained, even when life gets busy. 

Easy Kid Activities for Toddlers 

App-Based Games  

The first easy kid activity for toddlers on our list, app-based games are a great way to engage your child’s mind while keeping them occupied. 

While some virtual games are simple entertainment, the market has expanded to include a wide range of educational options as well. 

These apps support your toddler’s learning while helping keep them calm when you have work projects or just need a break. 

Read Together  

Another easy activity to capture your child’s attention, reading together can be a lifesaver for the busy parent. 

Reading to your child is a simple way to entertain your toddler. You don’t have to spend time planning, meaning you can come home from the office and jump in without adding another stressor. 

Reading also has the benefit of helping your child develop literacy and cognitive skills that will help them succeed in school. 

Build a Fort  

Children aren’t always content with engaging their imagination. Sometimes they need to move their bodies as well. 

When your toddler finds themselves full of energy, it can be difficult to accommodate them in your home. You don’t want them making a mess, and the limited space may leave them hyperactive and antsy. 

A great solution is to build a fort. Simple forts made of a few chairs, cushions, and blankets can transform the space in your child’s mind.  

This allows them to play and expend their energy in a safe and easy-to-monitor way.  

As an added bonus, forts can be made of just about anything, meaning you won’t have to go out of your way to bring home extra materials after a busy day. 

Indoor Playgrounds  

Sometimes toddlers just need the space to run wild. Our final easy kids’ activity for toddlers lets them do just that 

When your little one needs the freedom to explore and play to their heart’s content, an indoor playground is the perfect place to bring them. 

They’ll be able to get their energy out with a variety of exciting physical activities. Best of all, you won’t have to plan or clean up after. 


Entertaining a toddler as a busy parent can be overwhelming. Planning activities and orchestrating games after a long day can be exhausting. 

Luckily, there are a variety of easy kids’ activities for toddlers that you can do with items you already have at home. 

When your toddler needs to run wild, Momi Land’s indoor playground is the perfect place to bring them.  

They’ll have access to a wide variety of activities so they can play as hard as they’d like. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about planning or cleaning up after. 

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