At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

Once you become a parent, it can be hard to commit time to yourself and your partner. We understand, kids take up A LOT of time and energy! This is why it’s as important as ever to plan those date nights with your partner! We want to help, which is why we came up with a couple date night ideas for you without leaving the house! Wait for the kids to go to bed and then enjoy the night with your partner!  

  1. 1. Tacos, margaritas, and game night

  2. This one is a no brainer. Tacos are an easy (but DELICIOUS) meal to create for dinner! Grab the tequila and enjoy a nice margarita to end the night. Take out your favorite board game or a deck of cards and enjoy a night of fun, just the two of you!  


  4. 2. Popcorn, wine, and a movie

  5. Once the kids are in bed, crack open a bottle of your favorite wine and pop some popcorn. Pick out a movie and have yourselves a movie date night at home! 


  1. 3. Prepare a special dinner just the two of you

  2. Enjoy a nice steak, some delicious fish, or combine them for a surf and turf dinner. Make it extra enjoyable by grabbing some candles, dimming the lights, and setting the table!  


  1. 4. Have a spa night

  2. Who doesn’t love a nice massage or a relaxing bubble bath? Grab some rose petals, turn on the music, light some candles, and have a romantic night with your partner!


  1. 5. Paint and sip

  2. We all have heard about the paint and sip parties. You can have just as much fun in the comfort of your own home (without spending much money)! Grab a couple canvas’s and paint from the store, open a bottle of wine or enjoy your favorite cocktail, and paint at home with your partner! The best part… you’ll have a souvenir to remember the night! 


  1. 6. Puzzle night

  2. Puzzles are a GREAT way to bond with your partner. Turn on your favorite music and work with your partner to finish a beautiful masterpiece. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the night and have meaningful conversations with your partner while working together! 

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