How does Momi Land choose design and colors?

When we set out to design Momi Land Gahanna, we knew we wanted to continue our vision of creating play spaces that are fun, safe, and clean. To achieve these goals, we developed a set of design principles that guided our choices throughout the process, so that we maintain the same level of consistency while each Momi Land location is unique in their own way!

  1. Fun with Bright Colors

Our first design principle was to create a fun environment that would appeal to young kids. We achieved this by choosing bright colors that are lively and exciting. We wanted our indoor playground to be a place where kids could let loose, have fun, and be themselves.

  1. Cleanliness with Light Colors

While bright colors are fun, we also value cleanliness. Many indoor playgrounds choose dark colors that hide dirt and stains, but we decided to go in the opposite direction. We chose light colors in order to better see and maintain the space. This means that any dirt or stains are immediately noticeable and can be cleaned up quickly. While this may go against the grain in the industry, we believe this approach helps us maintain a high level of cleanliness and transparency with our guests.

  1. Clear Visibility for Parents

We understand that parents want to keep an eye on their kids, especially in a busy indoor playground. That’s why we made it a priority to design our facility with a clear line of sight from anywhere in the space. This means that parents can keep an eye on their kids no matter where they are, whether it’s on the climbing structure or in the ball pit. This approach provides peace of mind for parents and allows them to relax and enjoy their time at our indoor playground.

  1. Age-Appropriate Activities for Kids

Our final design principle was to create a variety of activities that are specific to the needs of different age groups. We recognize that kids aged 0-8 have different abilities and interests, so we made sure to include activities that are appropriate for each age group, including a dedicated infant area. We believe this approach ensures that every child who visits our indoor playground has a positive and rewarding experience.

We believe that these principles helped us create the unique experience that many families know and love at our current Momi Land locations in Lewis Center and Hilliard. We invite parents and kids to come and experience our indoor playground for themselves and see how our design principles make a difference in the quality of their playtime!

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