Open Play & Membership FAQ

What is your age limit - Our age/height limit is 8 years old and under 4ft 4in tall. (Kids have to be under the height limit in order to play)

What if I have kids over the age/height limit? - They will be considered adults and are not allowed to be actively playing in the open play space.

Do adults need to pay? - Each family can bring 2 adults for free; each additional adult is $5.

Are trampoline socks required? - Yes, kids are required to wear Momi Land trampoline socks. They can be purchased at the front desk for $3. Adults are required to wear normal socks.

Are reservations required or do you accept walk-ins? - Reservations are no longer needed. Walk in during our open hours!

How many times can I visit with my membership? - Unlimited

Is there a cancellation fee for reserved play? - We offer free rescheduling

Is there a cancellation fee for monthly memberships? - You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Your membership will be valid at the end of the paid cycle.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else? - No

Party & Events FAQ

Am I allowed to bring outside food for my party? - Yes, food is allowed as long as it is consumed in the party room only. A cleaning fee might be charged with excessive mess left behind.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages? - No

Are Pinatas allowed? - No

Are third party performers/characters/photographers allowed? - No, unless with prior permission from Momi Land Team.

Is the space open to the public during my party? - Yes, the open play space will be open to the general public during parties. We offer after-hour private parties as an option on certain days.

Can I extend my standard party by an hour? - No, however customers can book back-to-back party slots.

If my guests want to stay and play after the party, can we do that? - Yes, party guests can pay a discounted $10 per kid to play after the party is over.

How early should I book a party? - Party slots are often booked months ahead. We recommend booking your preferred time slots in advance.

Is gratuity included in the parties or do I need to tip afterwards? - Tips are encouraged and appreciated for good service. Our team members get 100% the tip.

Other FAQ

Do you offer gift cards? - Yes! Click here to purchase a gift card!

What are trampoline socks? - Trampoline socks are grip socks (non-slip). Trampoline socks provide a stronger traction, which are safer for kids. We require Momi Land trampoline socks for the kids and they can be purchased for $3 at our front desk.